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3 Secrets Behind Wedding Photographers’ Affordable Rates

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Costs of wedding suppliers have risen over the years. Name it, from food to set up, they have all increased their rates. To soon-to-be-wedded couples, anything that is affordable is music to their ears. They will immediately hire them not thinking of the consequences they will suffer. Of course, these suppliers will brag that they can give superb outputs given the limited cost.  

Truth be told, high-quality output still demands an ample amount of money; an amount that ‘affordable’ photographers could not achieve given their rates. This should be a warning to all budget-conscious couples- there are cost-cutting measures that affordable wedding photographers do to make their rates unbelievably low.   

  1. Outdated photography equipment 

One of the easiest, if not the easiest way to cut a photographer’s budget is to buy outdated equipment. While it may be cheap, it’s not as reliable as we’d want it to be. Its limited features could no longer keep up with modern-day demands like capturing pictures even when it’s raining and even when it’s dim; worse, it might stop working on the actual wedding day! Given how stingy they are when it comes to purchasing equipment, they do not carry a backup camera. Believe us, this is a disaster in the making. 

       2. Cheap computers 

The second thing cheapskate photographers do is to get substandard computers. They believe computers are essential in gathering all of their takes, and eventually transferring them to a storage device like a flash drive. That’s it. So, notice now the lack of technical sensibilities with this kind of photographer. They haven’t realized cloud storage and its beauty in providing a backup file because cloud storage in itself is costly, they do not want to pay it. Going back to that guy who only has his computer to store all those precious takes, what if his computer died? What will happen to all those lovely pictures? They will turn into nothing. Zilch.  


Another important aspect cheap computer couldn’t do is image enhancement. This is already a needed feature in photography because clients do really want to share their snaps in social media. They want their pictures to be at their best. Cheap computers couldn’t deliver this demand because they couldn’t run heavy software like Photoshop and Lightroom. If the pictures that were taken from an updated camera were never processed, expect them to turn out like some snapshots in the 80s. Even a vintage-themed will not accept this atrocity. 

         3. No training 

Photography is no exception to constant training for it involves technical know-how and taste. What may be trendy 10 years ago is no longer a fad today. Creativity keeps on evolving, so the photographer should keep up with it, or else, s/he will fall in the abyss of tackiness.  

Another reason for constant training is to use efficiently new equipment that is adapting to the changes of modern times. Photographers need to understand that for them to stay relevant, they need to be trained on new techniques to be used for their equipment.

Good quality comes with a justifiable price for these suppliers, in this case, wedding photographers, have paid good money for their equipment, computers, and a series of training.   

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Three Simple Tips to Do in Lowering Your Electric Bills

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 In today’s world, things are made easier by technology. There are appliances now for almost every job that is needed to do in our household, and all of them eats electricity to function. Because of this, we are facing an electric bill that has huge numbers in them; yes, appliances make our life easier, but our bills do not. 

    We need not worry too much of our electric bills though because we can still do many things to manage it and make it smaller. To help you in saving money, here are the simple tips to do in lowering your electric bills. If you found this article useful, better make your household know of it and also share it with your friends. 

  1. Plug Off your Appliances When Not in Use

When you turn off your appliances but leave them be in the socket, you are wasting money because these appliances suck off electricity even when not in use; they are called energy vampires.  

There are simple solutions to it, simply plug off the wires from your appliances so they would not have the chance of consuming power. Another solution you can do is to purchase energy strip outlets, where you can simply flip switches to turn off the electricity and prevent the energy vampires on doing damage. 

  1. Watch out for your Refrigerator

Another thing to watch out for is your refrigerator because this appliance costs you more money than most of your other appliances combined. To save money, you have to watch out for your refrigerator and keep it in good condition. 

One of the parts of a refrigerator that is ruined easily is the door seal, which can turn loose for some time of use. When this door seal is loose, the coldness will escape the fridge, and the machine would run for longer, and this would drive your electric bills up. When this happens, simply replace this part. 

Another way to help our refrigerator to function optimally is to clean its coil for at least twice a year. All you need to purchase is a coil brush to do the job.  

Another way to save electricity through the refrigerator is cooling or freezing your things in bulk. Your refrigerator would function more efficiently when it does not have to run all the time, buy groceries and store your goods at once so that the refrigerator can cool and freeze them in fewer session, and thus lesser electricity needs.  

  1. Plant Trees

As surprising as it may sound but planting trees would save you money. Not that trees produce electricity, but they save your usage when they provide that shade that would insulate your house from the sun. You would not need to use your air conditioning as much because the tree would make your place cooler. 

Planting a tree on backyard is no easy task though, you need to plant it in the exact, right spot. It has to block the path of sunlight, but let the breeze pass through to your house. For planting the trees correctly and also to maintain them, contact professional arborists. 

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Clean Your Bathroom Faster And Easier

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The bathroom is one of the least liked areas when it comes to cleaning, and it is probably because of the dirty feeling you get when you are cleaning this area. But there are many ways where in you can quicken the pace of cleaning bathrooms and spend less time cleaning. Here are a few tips that you can try out and see how it improves the rate of your cleaning time. 

It is better to try and clear all your things from the bathroom and setting it aside before you start cleaning. This will give you a lot more room to move around and you won’t waste time moving things as you go from area of the bathroom to another. After cleaning your bathroom, it will be a lot easier to organize your things and place them back in their proper place. You might even notice things and be able to fix up your bathroom a lot better compared to before. 


It will be best to work from the top to the bottom of your bathroom. You should try and get a duster to remove the dust or cobwebs that may be accumulating in your bathroom ceiling. Some of the debris might fall on the floor and that is why you should clean the top portion first. Afterwards, you can go ahead and clean the floor by mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming until it is completely clean. 


Try to clean the tight areas and shower heads with a cleaner or an acid based cleaner. The sliding door of your shower is one good example, if you do not clean this area it can be prone to rust and will give you a hard time operating the door. The shower head is also important to clean because gunk can accumulate inside and it can clog up the waterway making it a hassle to shower in. 


Make sure that you also clean the other furniture that are present in your bathroom. You can clean this like any other furniture, just make sure you have a clean towel or cloth and apply an all-purpose cleaner. These furniture may be a towel rack, shelves, cabinet, mirrors, and even blinds. It is important that you attempt to clean everything that exists in your bathroom. 


You can then go ahead and further cleanse your toilet, shower, and sink normally. After, before you place back the things you took out, it will be helpful to give them a good wipe before returning them to their proper place. These things may have dirt accumulated on them, and you wouldn’t them to dirty the areas you have just cleaned. 


You can mop your floor to finish off your cleaning session, make sure that you submerge the mop in a bucket of water mixed with a soap solution, and remove the excess water before you start mopping. You can wait for it to dry naturally, or you can also get a dry towel and wipe it dry yourself to quicken the process. 


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